Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Give it time

We tend to live in a society where we can get most things right now, when we want it. Fast food places thrive on our want for the need to have it now. I have a 15 year old daughter who throws shot put for her high school track team. When she started the season, she was throwing around 20'. You could tell she wanted more distance but it didn't happen right away. She needed to start training by lifting weights and learning the proper technique to throw the shot. The distance started to come, but there were days when things didn't go so well either.

Our prayers for things we want God to do in our lives to help us out in situations are somewhat like training for an event. Most of the time we want God to do it NOW; in our time frame. I just walked a long journey with God and still have some distance left. What I noticed while on the journey was that I had to prepare myself for what He wanted me to be doing. Sometimes I had to go against what I wanted and allow Him to move in a situation the way He wanted while I sat back and continued 'training'. My manual was the bible and my coaches were the Holy Spirit and close friends God had placed in my life for the journey. Little by little things got better, and before I knew it I had achieved one of the goals of the journey. There are still more I have to get to, but I know now that the road will be longer.

My daughter has been training with her coach for 2 months now and last night set another personal best in her event: 24' 2.5" , which was good enough for her to take first place in the event. She has seen something she has wanted come to fruition, but it took some time to get there.

First Posting

Finally decided to try and capture my thoughts during the day and write them down somewhere, so here it is. This will cover everything that goes on in my tiny little world as best as I can. Things like what God might be doing, how the track season is progressing for 2 of my children and maybe even some fun random things as well.

Feel free to comment or whatever, I love hearing from friends.....