Monday, August 10, 2015

Let's Do This

It's Monday morning, work is going to be crazy this week because school for some unknown reason has to start in the middle of August not the end month, I'm tired and life just hasn't been going how I thought it would.  Instead of sulking I went to my Bible App and found a 7 day devotional.  I chose one called God At Work from James MacDonald.  Todays verses, Prov3: 5-6.  The verse Starts out Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart.   If I am going to get thru today or anyway for that matter, I have to learn to trust in him and not myself.  This is a discipline that can be accomplished but I have to put myself to the side sometimes.

I also need to seek his will in all I do, not my own. This too will help with everyday life.  I like when God shows up when I need to. He's always there, I just need to look for him.

Some of the things of the day won't change, but I can change how I approach them and see how God wants to work in or thru me as I go about my day.

Found this too, seems like my day is getting a little better.

Another part of understanding your daily destiny is to live in a righteous and biblical manner where God has placed you, and to do so consistently.

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