Monday, December 19, 2011


With Christmas right around the corner, it made me think of "Where am I putting my thoughts this year?" With the first boy in the house, it will be a new season of gift buying in the sense that it won't all be girly toys, but maybe even some trucks and trains this year. I already setup the Christmas train I bought him last year before he was even born. I was excited :-)

As I thought some more about it this morning I realized all the experiences of Christmas gifts I have had over the years. There were the years I got exactly what I wanted and I was very happy all day long. There were years I got nothing I wanted and was extremely grouchy all day long. But what of the next day or week? We soon forget about what we got and didn't get and it is life as usual. Christmas is in the past and we move on.

This year I want to focus on the real meaning of Christmas, the one that stays All year round. Jesus was born for us on this day many years ago. It's not about the cool gift we get from our parents or spouses, it's not about the gift we should have received for being good but didn't. It's about celebrating His birth and everything that came after it.

We will still buy the presents that will be forgotten about a week after Christmas and whats a Christmas morning without wrapping paper all over the house? Here is something to remember this Christmas season:

Don't forget about the present that won't be under the tree,
it doesn't cost a lot of money, in fact it's actually free.

You're probably wondering what kind of present can this be?
It's the gift of Salvation, free for you and me.